SUstainable and high PErformance COMputing platform 

SUPERCOM is a framework that supports the activities carried out by the Sustainbale AI research unit at CTTC.

The long-term idea is to create a complete platform for collecting, exploring, and processing data from different and heterogeneous sources.

We are working persistently in extending the framework with new data and new exploration and processing tools.

The goal of SUPERCOM is to spread our work through the research community, find synergies and collaborations with other people and/or entities interested.


Why Supercom

SUPERCOM offers support to

  • Collect LTE data with OWL - the LTE sniffer (e.g., PDCCH messages).
  • Collect WiFi data with Komondor.
  • Explore data with python scripts.
  • Process data with machine and deep learning algorithms.
  • Many other features will be presented soon... stay tuned, follow our activities in the SAI's group LinkedIn webpage!




CTTC organizes a five-day workshop for early-stage researchers including PhD students and postdocs, who are willing to dwell into the latest advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning and their interplay with telecommunication systems.

The workshop will be held at CTTC on May 13th – 17th, 2024 and will combine lectures, demos and practical hands-on the experimental facilities at CTTC as well as visits to local industrial partners and key players. Moreover, the attendees may have the possibility to present their work, interacting among themselves and with the senior researchers attending the event.

IoT Solutions World Congress 2024

From May 21 - 23, 2024, Barcelona will host the brightest minds in industry and major global tech companies. Join us to explore how disruptive technologies drive solutions for industry challenges.

SAI group will be showcasing at IoTSolution Worldcongress 2024. Visit us at our booth. We will present our research activities and will perform a demo of our EyeGuard Solution for hazard detection in roads.